Soft Nail Caps for Cat Claws Protect Children

Large breed cats that sometimes get a little too irritable and can scratch your children, it can cause problems. While there are many ways to get around with cats in the home, protecting your children with nail caps for your cat usually works out well.

If you have cats, you know that they like to scratch. That’s natural behavior in felines. By using nail caps to blunt your cat’s nails, both you and your cat can be comfortable.

Your guests can be comfortable as well, instead of having to worry about whether they will get scratched if they visit your home. If you have people in your household who are particularly sensitive to cat scratches, they can play with your cat or otherwise interact with your cat without any problems.


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Coumadin Diet Or Warfarin Diet For Women

A coumadin diet or warfarin diet for women helps you to eliminate any foods that may interfere with your medication. Warfarin or coumadin is very helpful in women who have a greater chance of developing blood clots.


If you have been prescribed coumadin, it is important to do all you can to ensure that the medication works as well as it was intended. A clot in your leg or closer to your brain can have serious consequences. Taking coumadin regularly but making it ineffective through the types of food that you have in your diet does no good at all for you.

A coumadin diet or warfarin diet should be free of the following foods:

Mustard green

green tea



There are also other green leafy vegetables which it might not be safe for you to have so speak to your doctor about all of them.