Soft Nail Caps for Cat Claws Protect Children

Large breed cats that sometimes get a little too irritable and can scratch your children, it can cause problems. While there are many ways to get around with cats in the home, protecting your children with nail caps for your cat usually works out well.

If you have cats, you know that they like to scratch. That’s natural behavior in felines. By using nail caps to blunt your cat’s nails, both you and your cat can be comfortable.

Your guests can be comfortable as well, instead of having to worry about whether they will get scratched if they visit your home. If you have people in your household who are particularly sensitive to cat scratches, they can play with your cat or otherwise interact with your cat without any problems.


Cat declawing alternatives

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Declawing cats alternatives

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Coumadin Diet Or Warfarin Diet For Women

A coumadin diet or warfarin diet for women helps you to eliminate any foods that may interfere with your medication. Warfarin or coumadin is very helpful in women who have a greater chance of developing blood clots.


If you have been prescribed coumadin, it is important to do all you can to ensure that the medication works as well as it was intended. A clot in your leg or closer to your brain can have serious consequences. Taking coumadin regularly but making it ineffective through the types of food that you have in your diet does no good at all for you.

A coumadin diet or warfarin diet should be free of the following foods:

Mustard green

green tea



There are also other green leafy vegetables which it might not be safe for you to have so speak to your doctor about all of them.



Red or purple cabbage health benefits- slaw uses

Purple cabbage health benefits- diabetic swollen feet remedies, in after pregnancy

The health benefits of purple cabbage are good for general leg swelling. You can apply a purple cabbage poultice for relief with:

ankle swelling

breast swelling

knee swelling

Couples use purple cabbage to stop swelling in the breasts. It is reputed to help with breast engorgement and mastitis. Speak to your doctor about other natural ways to ease the discomfort of breast engorgement.

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Galangal A Substitute for Its Relative Ginger

Galangal is a substitute for its relative, ginger. It has a really strong flavor and may be used for many of the health remedies that ginger is used for.

Ginger is a good substitute for galangal when you want something that does not have a flavor that is as strong.

Galangal is often used in Asian cooking.

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Broccoli for Vitamin K Deficiency

Broccoli is a good vegetable for people with a Vitamin K deficiency to have. If your doctor has told you that you may be deficient in Vitamin K, consider adding steamed broccoli to your diet.
You can have broccoli stir fried along with chicken and carrots. You can also add it to pasta dishes with ha. It tastes great in a number of combination. Add cheese to broccoli in dishes for kids.

File:Broccoli in a dish 2.jpg

Image via Wikimedia- Cooked Broccoli

You can also get Vitamin K from several leafy green vegetables. If you like spinach or callaloo, consider adding these to your meals. Spinach and callaloo are both good sources of Vitamin K.

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Is a Natural Birth Recommended After a Cesarean Section?

Nowadays more and more women are having children by C-section. Cesarean section is a preferred method whenever doctors think that the health of the mother or her baby is at risk.

It allows the medical team to get the little one into the world in less time and with fewer complications at that time, than a vaginal delivery. Some women have a C-section when they give birth to their first child. This raises a number of issues afterwards.

For example, if the couple decides to have another child, what are the risks of doing a vaginal birth? Both doctors and mothers are concerned about the stress that their abdomen would be subjected to during birth. Men are concerned about the health risks associated with a natural birth after a woman has been through a major surgery of that nature.

The womb must go through several changes and a lot of pressure is put on the muscles when the mother has to push a baby out. This is why several doctors are unwilling to have a mother give birth vaginally after having a C-section or a myomectomy.

A vaginal delivery is not generally recommended after this procedure in roughly 50% of patients because of the risk to the mother and child. Doctors may do a “trial of labor” and only do another C-section if it appears that a vaginal delivery will not be the better choice.

Source: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery”,

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High Off Nutmeg – This Spice’s Essential Oils Make It Operate As a Drug

Some people have reported that consuming a whole nutmeg produces effects similar to what one would experience after drinking alcohol. Apparently, the effects aren’t noticed as quickly, as the nutmeg can take as long as five hours to make its presence felt. Also, nutmeg delivers an unpleasant experience, which probably explains its lack of popularity as a narcotic.

Nutmeg is a member of the Myristicaceae family. It is shaped like an egg, only smaller. It is about an inch long and is very popular as a spice. It can vary in color from brown to grayish-brown. The nutmeg tree is an evergreen. It is native to the East Indies.

Freshly ground nutmeg for baking or drinks can be produced by using a nutmeg grater or a nutmeg mill. The nutmeg mill produces nutmeg in large quantities. The nutmeg mill also stores the freshly ground nutmeg easily. Even two tablespoons of nutmeg will produce a noticeable effect.

Nutmeg contains myristic acid, which causes its narcotic effects. Taken in large amounts, nutmeg can produce the feeling of ‘cottonmouth’ that marijuana users sometimes experience. Myristic acid is white in color. It is crystalline and fatty and is used as a food additive and is also added to soaps and cosmetics.

Through time, nutmeg has been used to enhance dreams and as an aphrodisiac. In fact, in the early 20th century, some young women used large quantities of it to induce abortion and became delirious afterwards. Nutmeg can also produce bloodshot eyes and feelings of unease.

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